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Paytime Plus

An advanced payroll solution that works hard for you, including payroll, scheduling, timekeeping and secure tools that save time and help your business.

Payroll with Time & Labor

A More Advanced Payroll Solution to Power Your Growing Business

As your business grows, so do your payroll needs. Paytime Plus includes tools for payroll, scheduling, timekeeping and more, all with the peace of mind that comes with best-in-class, secure solutions, and a dedicated and experienced team available at a moment’s notice.

Timekeeping, scheduling, payroll & so much more. All with a dedicated Account Manager standing by and ready to help.

Paytime Plus puts the tools you need to be productive at your fingertips. Using a variety of best-in-class software solutions, we’ll give you the capabilities and insights needed to manage your business for maximum success. Some key features of this service include the following.

Payroll & More
  • Complete Payroll Service
  • Federal, State & Local Tax Filing
  • 401k Data Submission
  • General Ledger Interface
  • And More
  • Web Clock & Time Reports
  • Manage Time Off Requests
  • Digital Time Clock Integration
  • And More
  • Customize Employee Schedules
  • Easily Make Changes
  • Link Scheduling & Payroll
  • And More
Applicant Tracking
  • Online Resume Submission
  • Automated Hiring Workflows
  • Support from Hire to Retire
  • And More
  • Paperless Onboarding
  • Custom Documents
  • Electronic I-9’s & W-4’s
  • Automated Workflows
  • And More
  • Employee Portal
  • Secure Access to Paystubs & W2’s
  • Employee Engagement
  • Paperless Filing Cabinet
  • And More
Alerts & Notifications
  • Company Reminders
  • Automated & Customizable
  • Set Alerts for Team Members
  • And More
Labor Distribution
  • Track Labor by Department in Real Time
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • And More
And Much More
  • Pay-As-You-Go Work Comp
  • Loans & Advances
  • HR Solutions That Save Time
  • Background Checks
A Team You Can Trust
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Enterprise-Level Data Security
  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency
  • Power Your Business to New Levels

Paytime Plus includes secure payroll, timekeeping, and scheduling modules that will help you better manage your business. When you’re ready to upgrade your basic payroll system to a more advanced, automated system that saves you time and money, we’re here to help.

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