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Timekeeping Plus Payroll, A Smart Combination

If your business has employees that still punch a manual clock, literally or figuratively, it might be wise to consider a payroll service with integrated time tracking. This type of service can help save you time and money, while eliminating tedious data entry. Read on for just a few ways a combined payroll and time management system could help your business!

  • Punch In & Out From Anywhere
    Today’s digital time clock systems make it easy to punch in and out. No more trudging back to the break room at the end of a shift to hit the clock. Many of today’s time keeping systems work from a computer work station, tablet or mobile phone. This allows employees to make the most of their time, without drawing out their arrival or departure process.
  • Real-Time ReportingTrying to manage hours, keep tabs on overtime, and better understand your workload? With a digital time clock system, you’ll have access to up-to-the-minute reporting on hours worked, OT logged, and who’s on the clock. Some time clock systems integrate scheduling as well, and will provide a budget and comparison. It’s yet another tool that will help you run your business for maximum success.
  • Eliminate Busy Work
    With a time clock that’s integrated right into your payroll system, you’ll eliminate the need for an administrator to compile time sheets, add hours, calculate overtime, and enter data into a separate payroll system. In many cases, today’s time clock systems can sync directly with payroll. After a quick review by management, hours are pushed to payroll quickly and efficiently – saving time and increasing productivity.

If your business relies on hourly employees, plus an HR department that manually enters hours in order to process payroll, you could greatly benefit from a payroll service with integrated time clock system. Contact us today to learn more about these types of systems! We look forward to helping your business gain the advantage of an integrated payroll and time clock system.

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